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Thirteen, by Tabitha Hergest

“Thirteen” is a historical novel based in Caer Lludd (London) at the beginning of the Iron Age.

It deals with the royal family of the Catuvellauni tribe – specifically the relationship of Queen Rhiannon and her husband Morfydd, and their daughter, also called Rhiannon. Both mother and daughter separately have portentous dreams which tell them of the need to collect the thirteen treasures of Britain (from actual British mythology) to save the tribe from war: in the first instance, the augury came too late to the nine-year-old Rhiannon the elder to be of use in the prevention of a battle, However, through the intervention of the Druid Dynedd, the battle was won, but only just.

The next battle, however - the battle which the younger Rhiannon is primed to fight, the one which makes the earlier skirmish, which itself nearly annihilated the tribe, look like a playful cuffing from a lethargic hammock - is what the Thirteen Treasures are needed for.