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Global Warming is Scam, Admits Gore

On the eve of the Paris climate talks, which some claim aim to establish a World Government, Al Gore is said to have proven Global Warming is a scam.

According to sources, Gore - whose interests include London-based Genesis Investments, a carbon trading company - is said to have indicated that the company was based in the UK as opposed to America because of the latter country's RICO racketeering laws.

The usually very rehearsed Gore, who is reluctant to give interviews except that he can control their course and outcome, and is known to not wish to debate the issue with anyone knowledgeable on the subject, nevertheless lets the truth be known about his pet project through his actions.

Actions, as we know, speak louder than words.

Gore predicted a sea-level rise of over 20ft was imminent - yet he spent millions on a condominium apartment at Fisherman's Wharf, California.

His film, The Inconvenient Truth, was filled with inaccuracies such that when it was sent to every school in Great Britain, the mathematician, classical scholar and climate realist Lord Christopher Monckton succeeded in forcing him, by legal means, to issue pages of correction as a supplement.

Gore also predicted that there would be no ice in the Arctic by the turn of the millennium: whilst the ice there has receded slightly, the extent of global polar ice-caps has increased.

So much for Gore.  But the International Panel on Climate Change has been known to exaggerate the problem to such an extent that any credibility to which it may have laid claim has long since evaporated.

We cannot be sure, but it's likely Gore has a hand in this as well.

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