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Holding a Candle to the European Union

The European Union's (EU) member states have voted to enter the essential business of candle regulation, just in time for the Christmas tradition of lighting Advent Candles. The new EU regulations dictate safety standards controlling the height, stability, and acceptable support structures for candl…

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Global Warming is Scam, Admits Gore

On the eve of the Paris climate talks, which some claim aim to establish a World Government, Al Gore is said to have proven Global Warming is a scam.

According to sources, Gore - whose interests include London-based Genesis Investments, a carbon trading company - is said to have indicated that th…

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Paris: Britain Responds

More than 300,000 Britons have signed a government petition calling for an immediate cessation to all immigration into the UK until the supposed Islamic State is defeated.

The petition has been live since September but received little attention until Friday evening's attacks in Paris, when the nu…

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