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Blog posts January 2016

Selling Out is Popular

voice of albion popularBy Andrew Gruffudd


One of the reasons the Voice of Albion is perhaps not as popular as the dailies of Fleet Street is that we don't kow-tow to fashion.

We give you the facts, as we see them, rather than the truth you might like to hear.

We don't follow fashions - we set them - and the…

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Democracy Under Threat - And What to Do About It

By Andrew Gruffudd

Voice of Albion democracyDemocracy is a funny thing - in the peculiar sense.

Lauded 'round the world (apart from those countries whose leaders nakedly prefer tyranny in its various forms - from theocracy to dictatorship) as a panacea for all ills, it is usually practised in a way which falls far sho…

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Taking the Mick

By Dylan Ifans ap Iorwerth

voice of albion televisionMy internet connection is an absolute abomination.

I'm with Vodafone, 'though I suspect not for much longer, and the Broadband service I have been "enjoying" for the last few months has been as questionable as Tom Pepper's oath.

This, however, gives me a very usef…

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