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The Voice of Albion is a news journal which aims to publish facts, as we see them.

Its remit is to publish the truth - again as we can discern it.  We are not partisan, save that we are unashamedly patriotic; nor do we seek to align ourselves with any political viewpoint.  We are not left wing, we are not right wing: we stand for right versus wrong, and where we see wrongdoing, or even wrong-thinking, in public life we will not cavil in exposing it.

The Voice of Albion is also a campaigning news journal.  Where we see muddled thinking, downright bone-headed-ness and outright fraud, we will not be backward in gathering an army of right-thinking people who see things our way on those subjects.  Our current concerns (at the time of writing, November 2015) include the great global warming fraud perpetrated by the IPCC, and the European Union question.  On the first, we are starting a campaign for proper science, as opposed to government-funded scientific research whereby scientists only get their full funds if they submit to the Government's terms of reference.  On the second, we align ourselves with those who wish to see us withdraw from the European Union, as we believe it to be contrary to Britain's interests.

We are a free journal, paid for through advertisements and, of course, our shop.  As part of the BusineVersity International Group we are able to access a wide range of deals, and aim to improve the lot of both businesses and consumers by introducing them to products they want to buy and putting buyers and sellers together.  Indeed, we test a variety of products and services, and we like to recommend to our readers only those which pass inspection.